Let Me Introduce you to Eveready

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Hello everyone,

I wanted my customers to know how much I appreciate them. So every month I'm going to pick a customer, get their permission to ask a few questions about Rydaa Apparel. 

Our first customer appreciation goes to Lisa Eveready out of Sugarland, Texas.

EVEREADY.....yep that's my name! I'm known to always be overly prepared. Call it my anxiety, Type A personality, or just being anal retentive, but I'm always ready!!!
Years riding
What are you riding??
Funny story behind this question! My husband bought his bike in 2012 and for 3 looong years I talked mad shit about him having a bike.

Soon, our 8yo daughter began to ride with him! Of course I threatened his life if one hair was harmed....bottom line I was freaked out!!! Fast forward to my husband joining the Buffalo Soldiers MC Houston Mother Chapter, I stuck around the group and became an Associate (wifey) member. While caging on a trip, I was in awe with the Ladies pounding down the roads, some better than the men! So I mustered up enough courage to get on the bike during a parade.....that would be safe, right?

Whyyyyyy, did I hop on that bike and knocked that sucker over.....Good Lord I was traumatized!! But, as they say.....GET BACK ON IT, and I did! I have now been riding for 5 years and yes, my husband created a MONSTER! My first bike was a beautiful, fiery orange Honda VTX1800, affectionately named "Ms. Frenchy". I rode the hell out of that bike and learned to be in charge, and master a heavy bike. After looking and searching, my new bike actually found me! Someone (my Angel) traded his Indian Roadmaster to be in a Harley-required MC! Me and my MYSTAH are inseparable....my dream bike!

What are your favorite 2 rydaa apparel designs?
Needless to say, I have purchased 6 shirts from Rydaa Apparel, and all of them have fit well with zero fading after washing. My favorite shirt features a long haired, beautiful woman and my bike, an Indian Roadmaster. This is a rare find, because not too many value and understand how hard it is to find Indian merchandise that is sexy and unique.....yes honey, YOU DID THAT!

My other all-time favorite is my "SHE RIDES.....TO BE" shirt. Of course, it had to have a natural sister represent on the front, with every word of encouragement that Kala has poured her love into.....phrases like "...To talk to God....To Heal...To Live...and To Find Courage" are just some of the quotes that give me the empowerment to be a woman of love, faith, joy, and peace after feeling the wind on my face, and then coming back to the reality of being a Wife, Mom, Sister, and Friend!

Any advice for new riders?

When I see a woman stepping out on faith and hope to hop on a motorcycle, it makes my heart skip a beat! My advice is to always, always.....RIDE YOUR RIDE!! Don't focus on what others are doing, you go at your own pace until you conquer your fears and master leaning those sexy hips into the curves while pushing that throttle (SIDENOTE: A seasoned Rider taught me to brake and clutch down a gear when entering a sharp curve.....then throttle into the lean....BEST ADVICE EVER!).....Last tidbit advice, always be nice to the locals when exploring and they will send you on adventures you didn't know existed!

What has been your favorite ride so far in 2018?

In August, my MC Sister and I conquered the Texas Three Twisted Sisters...wow oh wow! This is a must do adventure for any Texan, especially in the Spring when our beloved state plant, the Bluebonnets, make their grand entrance. We stayed at the Flying L Ranch, and early dawn took out for our adventure. I can't explain the beauty that I saw and the thrill of leaning halfway through the spectacular Hill Country.....Don't forget to stop at Garven's Store in Mountain Home, TX....BEST CHOPPED BEEF SANDWICH I HAVE EVER ATE!!!!!!

What are your plans for 2019

My wonderful husband of 14 years and I will be celebrating our April Anniversary pounding to the Big Bend State Park. In May, I will be travelling with the Ladies for the International Female Ride in Hammond, Louisiana. Next up, THE BIGGIE....BGR to New Orleans for the July Essence Festival! I am so excited because I anticipate that this year is going to be even Grander than 2018. Of course, EVEREADY lol has tons of other small rides and adventures (which by the way I have nicknamed them #AnEvereadyRide lol)

If you ever get a chance to meet Eveready, give her a big ole hug.