Everyone is a Rydaa

Rydaa Apparel was created and inspired by a book that I was working on and also inspired by riding with ladies from Memphis, TN and also riding with ladies that I met when I visited other cities. These ladies motivated me and that helped me to reach my dreams and ambitions.
I realize that everyone is different and they have their reasons as to why they like to ride and how they like to ride. Some ladies ride in heels and makeup while some ladies are true ground pounders. They challenge themselves, set goals and before you know it they are on a journey.
Some ladies may have colors on their backs and some won't. It doesn't matter because they are trusting their journey and doing what they love. Also, there are ladies that want to step outside of the box and learn how to ride. I hope that every lady finds a shirt that motivates her as well.
As I grew creatively, I realized that men want to see shirts with them on the front too. Fellas, we have a few designs for you as well.  

Rydaa stands for Reaching Your Dreams and Ambitions because we all have the potential to reach any goal that we set. We are always on a journey and the way I see it, you might as well trust the journey that you are on.

May you too be a RYDAA
(Reaching Your Dreams and Ambitions)
Kala Foxxx Stevenson
Memphis, TN