The Inspiration Behind "She Rides"

Posted by Kala Stevenson on

This is one of the 1st shirts that I designed. The inspiration came from some of my reasons why I wanted to ride.  And also ladies that I have met through riding. I wanted to design to show people why women ride motorcycles.  Sometimes you want to say something without saying it. 

I wanted to ride because it was something about the wind and feeling free. I enjoy the wind on my skin and I love looking at the sky and the beautiful clouds that form into crazy designs.  I enjoy the feeling of riding and how whatever I'm worried about, it goes away.

What I love about riding is that it gives a rider the opportunity to meet and connect with other people. That lead me to the other reason's why we as women ride.  Although i couldn't get all the reasons on a shirt, I was able to get the messages on the shirt.

Regardless of each person's preference of why she rides, I love the fact that "she rides." 

The "She Rides" design comes in the design of a lady on a cruiser and a lady on a sportsbike. They come in tanks, vnecks and unisex tee sizes. 




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