Trust Your Journey

Posted by Kala Stevenson on

This is one of my favorite designs. I wanted to show the Hernando DeSoto Bridge but I like to call it The Memphis Bridge. One of my favorite past times that I've always loved is going to Riverside and watching the water.

I wanted to show my appreciation for Memphis and also the ladies who ride here also. I use to watch so many ladies ride their motorcycles and it inspired me. Soon, I began to ride and guess what I loved riding to? You guessed it; riverside.

I feel like you never know where your journey will take you. My original plan was to write a book about lady riders and what happens after they park their motorcycles; life takes over. While writing the book I had some wonderful ideas and decided to put them on tee shirts.  I had no idea that those ideas would take me on another road to Rydaa Apparel which is the acronym for Reaching Your Dreams and Ambitions.

I learned that sometimes your journey may be scary but if you really want to stay on path; you will trust your journey!




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